Купить New Infineon IKY75N120CH3 P-channel IGBT, 150 A 1200 V, 4-Pin TO-247

Артикул: 162-3318

Брэнд: Infineon

Responding to the market requirement of high power density and highest performance discrete products Infineon introduces the new Kelvin Emitter TO-247PLUS 4pin package for 1200V IGBT. Higher current capability, improved thermal behaviour, extended C-E creepage are the key features of the TO-247PLUS package. The 4pin package configuration provides ultra-low inductance to the gate-emitter control loop with the 4pin package directly to the gate driver and allows for reduction the both of E on and E off losses amounting up to 20% lower total switching losses Ets.

Extremely low control inductance loop with extra emitter pin for driver feedback
20% reduction in total switching losses compared to 3pin package using same technology
Up to 75 A 1200 V IGBT co-packed with 75 A diode in TO-247 footprint
Highest efficiency with lowest switching losses 1200 V IGBT
High power density 1200V discrete IGBT
Lower thermal resistance

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